[problem help] pinyin characters keyboard not showing in browser
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2023-09-26 19:11


I'm a new chinese language student. When I want to write chinese characters using the pinyin keyboard it doesn't work in any web browser. I tryied with deepin 23 default browser, yandex and brave browser. Also I installed chinese (simplified) at browser's without success.

I bought my laptop (Huawei) in México City with Spanish keyboard (windows). So I installed spanish, english and chinese languages and keyboard distributions.

It works in desktop Telegram app, Whatsapp for linux, sublimetext and other apps. But I also found the chinese characters are not shown near the pinyin word I'm writing. It is sometimes in other random place at the desktop. Please let me know if you need more info, screenshots, etc. I suscribed to the beta testing channel too.

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2023-09-26 19:21

Hello, the current input method framework is fictx5, there is currently no other input method to adapt him, so you can not install successfully, you can use the default subsystem that comes with Chinese input method
In addition, many apps are not available if they are not searched in the store because they are not adapted.
3. If you are a Spanish keyboard layout, it is recommended that you add a Spanish keyboard layout in the input method settings.

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2023-09-26 19:55

Dear Merlin,

For the moment my chinese is not enough to handle the installation in chinese and the add the spanish keyboard and language. Le me try with another laptop I have tomorrow to see if I can do it.

Thank you so much for your help!

Best regards,


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