[problem help] Installer only shows white window
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2023-10-02 04:51

I am trying to install deepin 23 beta2 from DVD. The other installed OS is Windows 7. When I click on custom install a window appars that is completely white with no content. I cannot create partitions or change partition size. Has anyone tried to install deepin from DVD on a harddisk that also contains Windows 7?

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2023-10-02 18:57

Installing deepin with another OS on a PC is always supported. But few people install system from DVD now. Could you provide some information about your PC and the hard disk?

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2023-10-11 18:59

I tried to install today. After downloading and making an install usb, i receied a remark about something which was not available, eiither or working.

Yesterday I did the same and then I was able to used the upgrade tool. However today I could not find that tool.

Please inform.

The reason of my search is a non functioning of QQ. I use this software to have a class (volunter0 in English. I miss for instance the green foen sign. Because of reading problems (eyes) I use the webversion of QQ.

Please inform

Hans Minekus, The Netherlands

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