[Community News] deepin community October monthly report
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2023-11-03 22:39

【October】deepin community monthly report

Overview of deepin community in October

1,011 friends have joined the deepin open source community family, and there are currently 147,806 forum partners.

In October, the deepin system version was upgraded a total of 4 times, with a total of 13 bugs fixed and 11 new functions added.

deepin WSL officially launched on Microsoft Store

In October, the deepin SIG group submitted a total of 1,682 PRs and 156 issues.

community products

deepin operating system

In October, deepin V23 system carried out the fourth internal test push:

  • Launched for internal testing on October 13, 5 new functions were added, 4 bugs were fixed, and 5 were backed up and restored;
  • The internal test push on October 16 fixed the problem that when you right-click on any directory and select "Open in Terminal", you will be located in the home directory.
  • On October 20th, internal testing was launched, with 2 new functions, 3 bug fixes, and 4 new and updated warehouses.
  • Launched for internal testing on October 26, with 4 new functions and 5 bug fixes

deepin WSL

In October 2023, deepin WSL will be officially launched on the Microsoft Store. WSL is the abbreviation of Windows Subsystem for Linux, which is a technology that allows users to run Linux on Windows. Using WSL, you can easily switch and integrate between Windows and Linux, use open source tools and environments to develop or test Linux-related projects, take advantage of Windows hardware support and performance optimization to run Linux applications, and experience different Linux distribution.

SIG group progress in October


  • Continue to improve DDE components and push some DDE-related technology preview updates to internal testing.


  • Continue to improve the porting work of distributions such as Archlinux and openSUSE


  • Promote improved support for RISC-V architecture


  • Update Qt and other multi-batch system core software package versions


Continuously improve the intelligence of automated assembly lines

For more SIG updates, please follow:


deepin App Store

75 new applications: All 75 new applications are Linux applications

It includes a variety of exquisite wallpapers and themes for traditional festivals and solar terms;

62 applications updated: The 62 updated applications are all Linux applications, including mainstream applications such as QQ, Tencent Conference, Microsoft Edge, and XMind.

deepin forum

A total of 8217 posts were posted on the forum in October

A total of 1024 threads were published

More than 1000+ new friends joined the deepin forum

In October, a total of 15 high-quality content articles were produced, with 60,000+ views.

Among them, the top 5 most popular posts among forum users are:

  1. The deepin forum applet is online! Check in and win prizes, come and join~

2.deepin community | Call for unlimited wallpapers of "Luoyang Normal University"

3.deepin community | Call for unlimited wallpapers of "Lanzhou Jiaotong University"

  1. Deepin v23 Beta phased internal beta update on October 27th

  2. I always feel like I hate Google.

Community Acknowledgments

[The most active member of the forum]

  • Ani Sakura Nana
  • buyike
  • lateautumn

[The most active partner in internal testing]

  • Flowers and rain fall away
  • deepin-veng
  • yaoying
  • hotime
  • wlly-lzh

[The most active PR contributors]

  • especiallyW
  • 15927146721
  • QE2333
  • hdui
  • xwqlikepsl
  • specychicken
  • Effortsosproutnew
  • hotime
  • hillwoodroc
  • yangyangdaji
  • wxya

Every contributor has had a huge impact on the development of the Deepin open source community. Welcome to work with us to raise the mast of Deepin!

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