[Power/Heat] CPU frequency scaling broken on 20.9
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2023-12-06 13:55


The built in frequency scaling in 20.9 doesn't work for me. On balanced mode, my CPU sits at 3Ghz (maximum) idle, on power saving mode it is the complete opposite, it goes to 0.8ghz (minimum) and stays there even under load, making the computer very slow. On other Ubuntu distros , I do not have this issue, frequency scaling works perfectly, scaling according to load. Is there anything I can do to rectify this issue?

CPU: AMD Phenom 545 on AMD 780G Chipset

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2023-12-06 21:06

It was a normal issue on dde-control-center, but as far as I know it has been fixed.

It may be fixed on deepin23 beta2. I haven't met the issue during my using on deepin23 beta2 (runs on huawei matebook14 2022).

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2023-12-07 01:06

Hi, thanks for the reply. I would rather run 20.9 for the timebeing. Could anyone guide me to modify the system files and bypass the dde-control-center settings?

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2023-12-08 09:18

so i modified the file cpu_governor which was set to performance (even though in dde-control-centrer it is set to 'balanced'). I modified it to 'conservative' using nano and saved and closed. This seems to work, a folder called 'conservative' appears in the cpufreq folder and frequency scaling activates. However after a cold reboot my settings are lost and the cpu-governor file reverts automatically to 'performance'! like something is resetting the file, possibly dde-control-center, during initialisation.

path to file:


Anyone know what is going on?

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