[Newbies] How completly remove deepin when root is locked
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2023-12-12 15:18

I tried to solve this on the forum but last entry was 2017
I cant get to any grub or edit menu to type a break=unmount thing nor do i want to. I want some kind of full deletion instructions

cannot open access to console, root account is locked.

I can't tell you anything about my system or this version of deepin only that it's about an 8 year old ASUS with touchscreen and the deepin version is whatever is latest

I just want my computer back and if it has been bricked i am going to be unhappy

I enjoyed it while it lasted for now thought i want it gone and my computer back

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2023-12-13 17:42

Try the Live-cd.But before your action,make sure you have an OS installer.

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2023-12-27 09:43

Can you get to BIOS settings? Usually by clicking 'delete' or 'F2' at startup. If so, see what options you have in the boot menu, and put one first that you may be able to boot into.

Alternatively, make a Gparted live usb, set BIOS to boot to it, and use it to wipe your hard drive, make a new partition table, create new partitions. Then you can install new OS.

You may even want to try CMOS reset before anything else.

good luck.

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