[problem help] app store vs repository
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2023-12-27 06:17

Hi, I have freshly install Deepin V23 Beta2. It's a wonderful OS!! I notice there are apps in the App Store which are not in the repository, such as Krita. For example, I cannot get Krita with sudo apt install krita

but it is in the store. Where do these apps come from? Is it from /pool in the repository? Can I add /pool to my sources.list or sources.list.d? I don't know how to do it without a release.gpg. Is it safe for me to install apps in this directory?

Or are these extra apps flatpaks or something else? I do not have flatpak installed through command line, but is the store getting flatpaks somehow? I notice these "extra apps" in the App Store seem to download slowly while the packages I get from command line is very quick! I don't know what mirror I'm using but it works great.

I am just confused as to what packages and apps are safe to install on Deepin V23. I have heard rumors it is moving away from Debian but I'm not sure what that means. Is it okay to try to install .deb files?

This is not a large issue as I was able to get all the main programs I like except Shotcut, which I installed with a .deb. If that doesn't work, kdenlive might be just as good, and I see that in the store.

Please give me suggestions on how I can determine what is safe to install, if anything, besides from the repository by command line or in the App Store. And please explain why there are apps in the store that I can't install with command line.

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2023-12-27 10:19

Are the apps in the store that aren't in the beige repositories from Linglong? I'm not sure I understand Linglong yet, is it like flatpak?

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2023-12-27 11:54

Deepin 23 beta is for testing purposes only. App store repository and system repository are separate (you can check it in /etc/apt). App store one is maintained for third party apps, however both are pretty out of date.

Linglong is like flatpak, but it's still work in progress. Ideally you should be using that in the long run.

For the time being the best experience is deepin 20.9 + flatpak and installing apps using terminal with flatpak.

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2023-12-27 21:36
  1. The applications in the app store can all be installed using the 'apt' command through the terminal. However, the package names may be slightly different from what we usually use. For example, for the Krita application you mentioned, we can first query the actual package name and then install it through the terminal.
  2. In the future, Deepin will also support the installation of '.deb' format applications. This will not change. Additionally, Deepin also provides the Linglong format for applications, which can help solve complex dependency issues.
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2023-12-27 22:47

I learned a little about linglong and the


command earlier. https://linglong.dev/en/guide/ll-cli/introduction.html Since it's built in to Deepin V23 I tried it to install "CPU-X" and it worked great!

I still prefer to get apps from the mirror I'm using for the Linux OS whenever I can, but I'm starting to understand why people are excited about these sandboxed formats.

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