[Community Announcements] deepin V23 internal test Update on December 29, 2023
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2023-12-30 00:02

To ensure the quality of the deepin V23, we invite you to take part in the internal test. If you are interested in it, please follow the guide in the last part of this post.

If you find any bugs or have any good ideas, please submit them on deepin home app which can be downloaded from deepin App Store.


Update Change Log on December 29, 2023

【New Features】

Integrated holiday data for the year 2024, allowing display of national holidays and adjustment schedules for the year 2024.

【File Manager】
Added a new option in settings: "Show list view in tree structure."
Optimized the layout interaction of file management icon views, improving space utilization.
Optimized the display rules for the sidebar directory.
Added a deselect option to the right-click menu.
Added a show shortcut key function to the right-click menu.
File properties in the right-click menu now support information copying.
Added an "include in search" function to the main view of the window.

Added an AI plugin.
Changed the interface to dtk style.

【Bug Fixes】

Fixed an issue where, after modifying shortcuts related to the control center workspace, the keys were unresponsive.
Fixed an issue where, after waking up from standby, wired networks remained disconnected and did not reconnect.
Fixed an issue in the network plugin panel where clicking the wireless network icon would prompt a disconnection message, although the icon remained in the open state.
Fixed a problem on the taskbar where clicking the wireless network switch required two clicks to close.
Fixed an issue on some device models where the power module in the control center provided a performance mode, but the control center did not display the functionality.
Fixed an issue on some desktops where the control center's power module's general performance mode could not be switched, and clicking was ineffective.
The time standard displayed in the system time zone has been changed from GMT to UTC.
Fixed a performance slowdown issue in the control center's 'Updates' menu after booting, restarting, or logging in following the update to the 12.08 beta.
Fixed an issue where the "Change Password" and "Reset Password" dialog boxes lacked a close button in the top right corner, inconsistent with the style of other control center dialogs.
Fixed a slow performance issue when closing the control center's beta channel, waiting for an extended period.
Fixed an issue where the control center's language and region, when switched from Chinese (China) to English after login, should be displayed in English.
Fixed a crash issue in the control center when opening advanced settings for input methods and then clicking the power icon on the taskbar.
Fixed an issue where the control center's keyboard and language - input method menu did not automatically load various input methods at startup.

【File Manager】
Fixed an issue on NTFS-formatted disks where creating a folder ending with a space character was unsuccessful, prompting a device or resource busy message.
Fixed an error message when copying a folder from the recycle bin to any location, indicating that the folder already exists.
Fixed a problem on SMB where deleting .gif format images was unsuccessful, indicating a failure due to a busy file.
Fixed an issue when copying or cutting a folder with a name ending in a space from an ext4-formatted partition to an NTFS-formatted partition, resulting in an unsuccessful copy or cut.
Fixed an issue when copying or cutting files from the local hard drive to a USB drive or external hard drive, causing the progress and folder windows to disappear, interrupting the file copy.
Fixed an issue where the file replacement operation displayed inconsistent file size information in the prompt compared to the actual file size.

【 Security Update 】
libssh was updated to 0.10.6, fixing CVE-2023-6004, CVE-2023-48795.

How to report bugs or submit suggestions?

  • First of all, please make sure that the system version is upgraded to the latest beta version to avoid problems caused by inconsistent versions;
  • Secondly, if you find any bugs or have any good ideas, please give your feedback on deepin Home . deepin Home is a default app of deepin OS, and you can update or download it through deepin App Store.
  • deepin Home.png

Join the beta group:

Anyone who intends to participate in the internal test, please scan the code to contact the administrator, note: participate in the internal test (if the reply is not timely, please wait a moment)

Welcome to join the internal test group and interact with us. Thanks to every member of the internal test team for their active participation!


Many thanks to all the members of the internal testing team for your active participation!

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2024-02-18 14:01

所以,如何在ubuntu20.04系统下安装Deepin-Unioncode AI 插件?

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