[Suggestions for Improvement] A Proposal for Dual-Monitor Dock Display in Deepin
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2024-01-21 23:23

Dear Deepin Developers

I hope this message finds you well. Firstly, I want to express my appreciation for this incredible distribution, which, in my opinion, stands as the most aesthetically pleasing. While exploring Deepin 20, an idea occurred to me that I believe could enhance the user experience even further in the upcoming version of Deepin (23).

My proposal is related to the dock, that bar typically situated at the bottom of the screen, housing application icons for easy access. I envision it as a valuable addition to allow the dock to be displayed on both monitors, providing greater convenience and efficiency, especially for those who use more than one monitor.

Furthermore, I suggest incorporating a setting that enables users to choose which monitors they want to display the dock on, offering flexibility and customization according to individual needs.

I believe in the innovative potential of Deepin, and I am confident that implementing this functionality will contribute to further enhancing the user experience of this extraordinary distribution.

Thank you for your attention and dedication to the continuous improvement of Deepin.

Please forgive me if this is a trivial idea or if it already exists in Deepin. I haven't used it extensively, but it is currently my favorite distribution. I'm still a beginner in the Linux world, and I don't have much experience yet. However, if this feature were available, it would undoubtedly enhance my experience and that of others who may encounter the same issues as I do.

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