[Seek Help] deepin install phase on iMac 20" 2008 does not 'see' keyboard
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2024-01-28 01:38

😢 I cannot continue the installation of deepin 5-18 on my iMac 20" as it does not recognize any of the usb keyboards I tried

anyone have a solution ?

Regards bart

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2024-01-31 02:31


Try to install OS only with mouse (it can be done so) and when you will need to enter username during the installation, use keys on the right side of the keyboard. In my case the numeric keypad was on under those keys and I had to use only numbers, but it worked. After the installation go to Settings/Keyboard.../General and turn off Numeric Keypad (using mouse) and the ordinary keyboard should work. Hope this will get you some help.

Done it on macbook4.1 2008.

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