[Community News] deepin V23 Beta3 is here! Come see what updates and fixes are available?
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2024-02-02 16:38

The last test version of deepin V23 - Beta3 is here!

The deepin V23 Beta3 version has upgraded 1400+ packages in the pre-installed image package, added 250+ new software package system updates, and further optimized the functional experience, including:

  • Supports normal installation of Steam native applications and game operation;
  • Update and upgrade of system underlying dependencies: GCC, Qt, glibc, etc.;
  • The launcher has been refactored at the code level to improve running speed;
  • Control Center-Time and Date-Region-Country supports setting localized time and date formats according to the user's regional language;

Thanks to every deepiner for providing ideas and suggestions, let us work together to create a beautiful, easy-to-use, safe and reliable open source operating system!

New features

【System installation】

  • During mirror installation, a descriptive text is added after the safe mode on the Grub page to avoid installation problems caused by users not understanding the safe mode incorrectly;
  • The installer supports 768P, 1080P, 2K, and 4K screen interface adaptation;
  • Support for some i386 device drivers;
  • Supports normal installation and game operation of Steam native applications.

【System Warehouse】

  • A large number of system underlying libraries have been updated, and the system warehouse has approximately 4,000+ software packages updated (including new software packages). i386, RISC-V64, and LoongArch64 architecture support has been added;
  • GCC updated to version 13.2;
  • glibc updated to 2.37;
  • ICU updated to 73.2;
  • Qt6 updated to 6.6.1;
  • FFmpeg updated to 6.0;
  • Mesa updated to 23.3.3;
  • The default version of Python is updated to 3.11;
  • Perl updated to 5.36;
  • The default version of LLVM has been updated to 16.

【Desktop environment】

  • The launcher has been refactored at the code level to improve running speed;
  • Optimized the functional layout and interface UI design details, improving the overall visual effect;
  • Distinguish between keyboard selected state and mouse hover state;
  • A new alphabet function has been added, allowing quick search of applications through the alphabet;
  • Optimize notification icons and time and date clicks to swap out content;
  • A calendar component has been added to the notification center;
  • Optimized the clear notification message icon in the notification center to solve the problem of misleading the wrong icon to users;
  • Optimized the icon style of the Control Center-Network-VPN-Import operation button;
  • Control Center - Added creative illustration category to account avatar;
  • Three-dimensional style material pictures have been added to Control Center-Account Avatar-Character Avatar;
  • Control Center - General new startup animation setting item;
  • Control Center-Bluetooth supports remaining power display of Bluetooth devices;
  • Control Center - Account password login and lock screen management functions are managed in a unified manner;
  • Control Center-Sound-Audio adds management of whether to pause playback of audio devices when plugging and unplugging audio devices in peripheral plug-and-pull management;
  • Control Center-Sound-Multimedia Audio Framework Advanced Settings, audio framework can be switched;
  • Control Center-Time and Date-Region-Country supports setting localized time and date formats according to the user's regional language;
  • A disable option has been added to the IPV4\IPV6 method setting item in Control Center-Network Settings;
  • Control Center-Power-General, description text has been added to the performance mode function;
  • Control Center-Power-General, adds power performance management options for Intel and AMD memory.


  • The system is pre-installed with the UOS AI plug-in, and users can use UOS AI;
  • A free AI trial account is provided to use UOS AI functions in the system;
  • By the way, it is connected to mainstream AI model interfaces, and users can use their own AI accounts to bind them.


  • The calendar application has updated the statutory holiday schedule for 2024.

【app Store】

  • Added deepin ID synchronization application download record function;
  • Add new users to submit wishlists and provide feedback on required application functions;
  • App update page, ignore the app update function;
  • The application update/application management page supports searching for installed applications;
  • Add tips for paid apps in the App Store.

【File Manager】

  • Added right-click menu to add inverse selection option;
  • Added right-click menu display shortcut key function;
  • Added right-click file attribute copy information;
  • Added window main view filtering and search function;
  • Added a setting item whether to display thumbnail preview in the remote environment;
  • Added a check-box "list view in tree structure" function setting item in settings;
  • Optimize the document management icon view layout to improve space utilization;
  • Optimize the sidebar directory display rules.

User feedback fix


  • Fixed the issue where the desktop icon disappeared after uninstalling the app from the store, but the icon in the launcher did not disappear;
  • Fixed the incorrect application display order and position in the launcher application category;
  • Fixed the problem of opening an application such as music, dragging the music tray image to the taskbar, and reopening the application, and two music icons appear in the tray area;
  • Fixed an issue where the tray area icon disappeared after repeatedly dragging the tray icon on the taskbar after turning on the tray-resident application;
  • Fixed an issue where the brightness adjustment plug-in in the shortcut panel could not be restored after disconnecting the external monitor;
  • Fixed the issue of long waiting time after adjusting screen scaling;
  • Fixed an abnormal issue in the control center where the deepin ID account avatar cannot be displayed properly when the network cannot be connected or disconnected;
  • Repaired the Control Center-Update Settings item. After the Linglong software update button is turned off, it becomes turned on after the system restarts, and the user settings are not remembered;
  • Fixed the problem that when switching themes, the theme switching is successful but the wallpaper is the wallpaper of the previous theme;
  • Fixed the problem that the on-screen keyboard icon in the taskbar plug-in panel is displayed as a white icon, resulting in the icon being unable to be seen clearly;
  • Fixed the problem of the control center network module icon disappearing after installing Libreswan on the terminal;
  • Fixed the issue where the resizable display was incorrectly displayed when the mouse moved to the edge of the taskbar shortcut panel panel;
  • Fixed the problem that when using the mouse wheel to adjust the display brightness in the taskbar shortcut panel, the brightness value cannot continue to scroll when the brightness value is 28 and 56;
  • Fixed the problem of setting the system window rounded corners to right angles and the rounded corners of the world map secondary window not following the system setting changes when adding or modifying the system time zone;
  • Fixed the problem that the wireless network cannot find the network after entering the desktop and turning off the airplane mode on some models;
  • Fixed the problem that after the shortcut keys related to the control center workspace are modified, the shortcut keys do not respond;
  • Fixed the problem that the device management in the sound module of the control center-input device and output device switches have no actual effect.

【File Manager】

  • Fixed an issue where the icon in front of the right-click menu command when renaming a file name is displayed in black and cannot be seen clearly in dark mode;
  • Fixed the problem that when creating a new folder in an NTFS formatted disk and containing a trailing space character, the folder cannot be created successfully and prompts that the device or resource is busy;
  • Fixed an error message indicating that the folder already exists when copying a folder from the Recycle Bin to any location for pasting;
  • Fixed the issue where deletion of .gif format pictures on SMB cannot be successful and prompts that the deletion failed and the file is busy;
  • Fixed the problem that when copying or cutting folders whose folder names end with spaces from an Ext4 format partition to an NTFS format partition, the copy or cut cannot be successful;
  • Fixed the issue where the progress and folder windows disappear and file copying is interrupted when copying or cutting files from the local hard drive to a USB flash drive or mobile hard drive;
  • Fixed the issue where the file size information displayed in the prompt message is inconsistent with the actual file size information when a file is replaced;
  • Fixed the issue where Chrome failed to create desktop application shortcuts and generate website icons.


  • Fixed the issue where right-clicking on any directory and selecting "Open in Terminal" would lead to the home directory;
  • Fixed the problem that the Thor window width may be too small when the terminal split-screen resolution is inconsistent;
  • Fixed the problem of newly created user login system, where the current user name, machine name, current path and other information are not displayed after opening the terminal;
  • Fixed the problem of abnormal display of Thor terminal when connecting to 4K screen expansion mode, pressing Alt F2 on the 4K screen to open the Thor terminal, moving the mouse to another screen and pressing Alt F2;
  • In the dual-screen expansion mode, when you open the Thor Terminal by Alt F2 on the main screen, click on a blank area of the screen, and then move the mouse to another screen and press Alt F2, two Thor Terminal problems appear;
  • After setting the theme to follow the system, and then moving the mouse to dark color, the title bar of the preview image is not displayed in dark color simultaneously;
  • Change the shortcut keys before and after switching tabs to the correct order;
  • Fixed the issue where the Thor window could not be blurred;
  • Dirty Fix: Change the display problem after partially refreshing the cursor;
  • Fixed the problem of being unable to open links with port numbers that do not end with "/";
  • Fixed the problem of refreshing a large number of debug logs when resizing the window;
  • Modify the calling method when the right-click menu opens a file/folder.

【Depth House】

  • Fixed the problem that in the email text box when submitting feedback, the @ character in the input text is not allowed to be entered as the first character or the middle character;
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to close the expanded menu when clicking the main menu icon.


  • Fixed the problem of right-clicking a Markdown file and opening it with Linglong MarkText software, which did not display the document content;
  • Fixed the problem of Linglong application automatically crashing during startup after setting Linglong in the launcher to auto-start;
  • Fixed the problem of missing Linglong environment variables;
  • Fixed the problem that web videos cannot be played after the browser is updated.

[Known issues to be fixed]

  • The system time zone library has been updated, which may cause zone errors after the installation is completed and requires resetting in the control center;
  • Some Huawei terminal sound devices have abnormal output and need to be resolved by refreshing the BIOS or updating the kernel to 6.6;
  • In the dual-screen extended mode of some models, when the launcher is in full-screen mode, the launcher will be displayed on another screen;
  • In dual-screen expansion mode, the launcher is now displayed in the middle of the two screens;
  • When the launcher is in full screen, click the application icon in the taskbar to open the application, but the launcher does not exit automatically;
  • The launcher does not fill the entire screen in full-screen mode;
  • The launcher is opened and the launcher is hidden by pressing the screenshot shortcut key;
  • The menu will not be hidden when you press the right-click menu and scroll the screen when the launcher is full screen.

The above is the main content of the deepin V23 Beta3 version update. Welcome to download and experience it, and give us feedback on any problems you encounter.

Mirror download address:  www.deepin.org/download/


  • Do not lock the screen, standby, shut down, restart, etc. during the upgrade process;
  • Before upgrading, please ensure that the system root partition has sufficient backup space and update space;
  • Reinstalling the system while retaining user data may cause the system to fail to start after the installation is complete.
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2024-02-20 01:25

Is there ever going to be an update within version 20.9?

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2024-02-22 23:22


I am having issues installing the upgrade tool. It does not appear in the app store, but if I install it with apt, it shows an error in this step:

E: /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/deepin-upgrade-manager failed with return 1.
update-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-5.15.77-amd64-desktop with 1.
dpkg: error processing package initramfs-tools (--configure):
installed initramfs-tools package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1

And then when running it, it stucks at 70% of first step "Pre-Check".

In any case, is there any alternative way to upgrade?

I am on deepin 20.9

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2024-03-28 21:29

how to open andoroide apk on deepin v23

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