[Stand-alone Games] Doubt about installing Valorant on Deepin OS....
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2024-02-19 20:02

Hello there,

I am currently using windows 11 on my laptop manufactured in 2018 and I am going to build a new PC very soon. I was looking forward to install Linux system cause it's free (obviously) and don't want to spend for OS (windows) for now. So can I play Valorant on Deepin OS as I encountered many saying that they can't run valorant on Linux system, so I ought to clear this doubt myself. If yes, I won't be needing to install windows sooner or later as I am Esports Gamer.

Awaiting for your response!

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2024-02-20 05:15

Valorant is using vanguard which is a kernel level anti cheat. It's very windows specific and riot hasn't expressed interest in linux support. So basically, you can't play valorant on any linux distribution including deepin.

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2024-03-06 15:58
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