[problem help] Missing mouse graphic Resolved
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2024-02-28 07:07

Ok, I had Deepin 23 beta 2 installed on a previous machine. Today, I tried to install beta 3, but ran into issues with keyboard and mouse (both USB) being recognized in the default installation (kernel 6.1), so I went with safe mode.
Apparently, the assumption there was to apply nomodeset for the new installation (I guess that makes sense), ok, I figured out where to weed that out and got a high-res screen, but my mouse cursor is still invisible despite trying different themes and pointers.

Anyone have a clue on what I might do to get a visible mouse pointer? It's very disconcerting to move an invisible mouse around and try to find the right place to click based on highlighting?

Edit: Some googling found the answer (add Option "SWCursor" "True" to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-amdgpu.conf) Hopefully this will no longer be necessary "soon".

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2024-02-28 14:51
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