[Share Experiences] 🚀 High Frequency Problems & Solutions of deepin OS
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2024-02-28 16:30

Part 1: Problems of Using deepin OS

🔒 The terminal prompts for a password, but nothing happens when I enter it.

There is no echo on the screen when entering the password. Just press Enter after entering the password.

🌐 The webpage translation feature of the deepin browser is not available.

Web page translation uses Google Translate, and you can install a translation extension yourself instead.

🔑 After turning on passwordless login and automatic login, it prompts "Your login keyring has not been unlocked" when entering the desktop.

Open a terminal and execute sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

⚙️Self-examination of reasons for control center update failure.

Open terminal and execute sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

📝 Edit the content in the right-click menu "New Document".

Modify files in ~/.Templates/and and /usr/share/templates/.

🔒🚫The files in the Windows system disk have a small lock icon and become read-only and cannot be modified.

Solution 1

Enter Windows, open Control Panel (for Windows 11, please use "Windows Tools" to open), go to "Hardware and Sound" > "Power Options" > "Choose what the power buttons do", click on the third line "Change settings that are currently unavailable" (this requires administrator privileges), find "Enable fast startup" under "Shutdown settings" and uncheck it, then click "Save changes".

Solution 2

Alternatively, boot into Windows first, then restart and enter deepin.

When multiple systems are installed on the computer, the time of deepin is 8 hours later than that of Windows.

Windows regards the computer's hardware time (RTC) as local time (local time = RTC), while Linux regards the computer's hardware time as UTC time (local time = RTC+8 = UTC+8). The solution is to let Windows use UTC or let deepin manage time the way Windows does.

Browse 解决方案收集 | deepin指南 for details.

🔊 No sound from the sound card.

A potentially useful solution which is mainly applicable to devices with Intel 12/13 generation processors, does not work with microphones.

Edit /etc/default/grub, and add snd_hda_intel.dmic_detect=0 to the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT. If the sound card works normally under Ubuntu, you can extract the driver from the Ubuntu /lib/firmware/intelfolder and replace the corresponding folder under deepin.

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