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2024-02-29 13:14

I have deepin v23 beta3. I installed brave-browser from command line w/ sudo apt install com.brave.brave-browser, this browser is giving me out-of-date notifications which take me to this page --> https://brave.com/download/ I could do that, but it defeats the purpose of getting brave-browser from deepin to begin with. I'm ignoring the prompts to update for now, and hope I can find a way to disable them.

I installed google-chrome using the linglong web store. This browser is similarly giving me out-of-date warnings and wants me to download the .deb from Google. Again, this defeats the purpose of me getting google-chrome from the linglong store. I am also getting a warning about --no-sandbox flag. I looked in /usr/share/applications for a desktop entry, thinking I might remove the --no-sandbox flag in the exec line, but it's not there. Where do linglong apps keep desktop entry, or how do I remove the --no-sandbox flag? If this is possible, or if there is some other reason for the --no-sandbox flag to begin with?

I have used --no-sandbox on occasion as root user, but in deepin I am ordinary sudo user. My experience has been that browsers "complain" in various ways when using --no-sandbox flag.

For me personally, I can get these apps in other ways and resolve this. But I think it is important for the success of deepin to correct these problems before a stable release. Have a nice day!

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2024-03-02 18:13

I guess I will remove/purge the Brave and Google-Chrome packages and re-install from Brave's repository and a .deb from Google. I really wanted to use the package from the Deepin repository and the linglong store, but since nobody here has any suggestions I can't.

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2024-03-23 06:58

Brave is also available as a SNAP.

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