[Community News] Warp is now Available on the deepin V23 App Store!
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2024-03-01 13:51

Recently, Warp, which is known as "Terminal of the 21st century" and has obtained 23 million dollars in financing, has officially released its Linux version!

deepin has uploaded it to the deepin V23 version of the app store at the first time, which is convenient for you deepiners to experience. Just open the app store and search for "Warp", then click download and install!

About Warp

Warp is a modern, Rust-based terminal with AI built in so teams can build great software, faster. Bringing collaboration to the command line,Warp lets teams save and share commands for streamlined onboarding and incident response. Features include:

Faster command typing, editing, and completion

Warp makes it easier to write commands, whether you use the keyboard or the mouse to set the cursor position.

  • Insert, copy, or select just like an IDE;
  • Editing using default key bindings or Vim;
  • Intelligent completion, with no need to install additional plug-ins.

Convenient Search Commands

Get answers to any programming question by entering the right command or dialog with Warp AI.

  • Calling commands;
  • Debugging errors;
  • Get guidance on complex setups.

Preserving Space for Terminal Workflow

Organize and build hard-to-remember commands in the terminal so you can find and run them without switching contexts.

  • Increase individual productivity;
  • Keeping the whole team up to speed.

Advantages of Warp

Speed and Performance: Warp is built on Rust, allowing the terminal to easily handle large amounts of data and complex commands.

Customization: Warp offers a range of customization options, including themes, fonts, and plug-ins, allowing users to tailor the endpoint experience to their preferences and needs.

Security: Warp offers end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication to ensure that sensitive data and commands are protected.

Collaboration: Warp includes built-in collaboration features that make it easier for teams to work together.

Warp for Linux Features

Use more ways to edit commands and move faster

Edit text more easily, whether using the keyboard or the mouse.

Save parameterized commands to run on demand

Warp Drive saves and shares the most important commands so you can find them by searching and run them whenever you want.

Built-in intelligent command suggestions

Use Warp AI to find the right commands to run without the need for Google or Stack Overflow and without plugins.

Download and experience Warp from the deepin V23 App Store!

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