[Others] low quality audio in bluetooth speakers with pipewire V23
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2024-03-12 10:00
[System Version]: deepin V23 [Preconditions]: when sound server is switched from pulseaudio to pipewire [Reproducibility Steps]: after logging out and re-logging in [Expected Results]: sound quality has to be normal on bluetooth speakers [Actual Results]: loss of sound quality on bluetooth speakers, sounds like a 16kbs mp3, even though pc speakers plays normally.

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2024-03-12 10:01
Hello, currently two audio frameworks are provided for users to use, with the aim of improving device compatibility. As a newer multimedia server, Pipewire may not be as mature as PulseAudio in some aspects. After all, PulseAudio has been around for a long time, so it may be more stable and mature in terms of hardware compatibility. It is recommended to choose a more stable music framework in practical use. Thank you for your feedback.
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