[steam] my newer games need GPU drivers run even though they worked in Linux Mint
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2024-04-03 09:17

Hello to all the Deepin contributors,

I just switched from Linux Mint Edge to Deepin V23, but none of my newer games in steam run even though they worked just fine in Linux Mint. Note that my older games such as Sid Meier's Civilization 4 and Colonization still work great though. I tried downloading the GPU drivers from AMD's website, as Google told me, but even then, none of my newer games that I've tried so far work (such as War Thunder, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and X-Plane 12). They all complain about needing the latest drivers or those that support Vulkan, or just doesn't show anything

My system is 2023 Xiaomi Redmi laptop with

7840HS APU

780M iGPU


4TB m.2 PCIe SSD

3200x2000 display resolution

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