[deepin exploration] Creating a SIG group: a complete guide from 0 to 1
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2024-04-11 15:54

Recently, I had a sudden idea to create a SIG group, but due to lack of experience, I encountered many minor challenges. Here, I have compiled some of my experiences, hoping to provide some reference for friends who are also interested in creating a SIG group. pride
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First of all, what is a SIG group?

The whole process of SIG is Special Interest Group. Special interest group
SIG is a group that focuses on specific interests and has specific work goals. The establishment of the SIG group aims to encourage community members to more easily participate in the improvement of deepin/DDE, making activities related to the deepin community more open and transparent.
The SIG group will not replace existing community forums and unofficial groups, but will complement them and inject more vitality into the deepin community.
The SIG group will directly receive support from the deepin community committee to handle issues more efficiently. It will also be supervised by the deepin community to ensure the healthy development of group activities.

So what should I do?

Information preparation

When creating a SIG, you need to prepare the following information:

  • SIG group name (it is recommended to provide both Chinese and English names)
  • Team ID (lowercase letters and hyphens only)
  • Reason for creation
  • Group introduction
  • Scope and goals of activities
  • Open discussion channels
  • Group member information and group administrator’s GitHub account information

When you are ready, proceed to the next steps.

you want to goThe world’s largest same-sex dating platform (bushi [](https://https//github.com/)Go to fork this repository in GitHub[](https://github.com/deepin-community/SIG/)

Go to your library and clone it locally



Then you will get a bunch of files

You need to copy .template.zh_CNthe files in the folder under the sig directory to a new directory, use the group ID as the name of the new directory, and edit the files in this directory to make it match the actual situation of the group you want to create, before editing the template When providing information, please pay attention to the description given in the template. Information in 

Note: When editing, you must strictly use Markdown syntax and strictly abide by the format in the template
, otherwise it will be sent back to be redone.Don't ask me why I know**:under:

The activity platform can be any platform. For a public instant chat platform, it is recommended that groups use Matrix ( reference material )

In addition, according to Deepin's brand noun guidelines , when the word "deepin" alone refers to a Deepin distribution, the first letter is always lowercase, that is, deepin should be used instead of Deepin. This is important!
After editing, there will be three files


Look at the user ID here. There is a string of numbers under the Primary email address. That thing is

Go there after all your information has been edited.The world’s largest same-sex dating platform (bushi [](https://https//github.com/)Push modifications and initiate a Pull Request in GitHub.
When initiating a PR, pay attention to [新 SIG 提案] SIG 名称using
. Provide the reason for the group's creation and the administrator's GitHub account information in the description area.

## 创建原因

在这里描述创建 SIG 的原因。

## 仓库创建

此 SIG 需在 deepin-community 组织下创建如下仓库:

- sig-小组ID
- ...


Although repositories for placing group projects are allowed to be created in deepin-community, group activities are not required to be conducted under GitHub. The group can choose any suitable location to carry out activities, such as Gitee, deepin forum, etc.

What should I do next?

  • Committee Review: The SIG Committee will carefully review your proposal to ensure that all information is accurate and meets the SIG Group's creation standards. If any inaccuracies are found, the committee will provide you with timely feedback so that you can make corresponding changes.
  • Revisions and improvements: Based on the committee’s feedback, you will need to make necessary revisions and improvements to the proposal. This may involve additions, amendments or adjustments to the documentation.
  • Merge and creation: When your proposal is finally approved by the committee and merged into the main branch, it means that the SIG group has been successfully created. At this point, you can officially start carrying out related activities and work of the SIG group.
  • Group information update: If the SIG group needs to update relevant information, you can edit the existing document according to the normal process and submit it to the committee for review through Pull Request. After the review is passed, these changes will be merged into the master branch to complete the update of the information.
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