[Suggestions for Improvement] Animated thumbnail of apps in the dock
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2024-04-11 17:54


As I was invited in Deepin Home, I post here my proposal to discuss more.


I do not know either if it is a bug, but although Windows effects are enabled in the control center, the thumbnail of the apps in the dock are not animated, just still images that change only if I remove the pointer from the app icon, and put it back on the app icon.

My proposal was that this thumbnail was a video and not just an image.

For example, if the app is a video app, then I see the video as a thumbnail while my mouse pointer is staying on the app icon in the dock.

I hope I am clear enough.

Is this a bug on my computer, or a new feature to be added ?

Thank you.

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2024-04-15 12:02

The application on my dock bar is also just an image, not a video

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2024-04-15 14:56

Hi Berners,

Thank you for your feedback. It confirms I'm not the only one with this behaviour.

I hope someone at Deepin will read this and tell us if this is normal, or a bug.

And if this is normal, can this be transformed to a video thumbnail (software evolution) ?

(or help us solve the issue...)

Thanks !

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2024-04-17 22:02
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