[Community Announcements] April 12, 2024 deepin V23 Beta3 Update
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2024-04-12 17:58

To ensure the quality of the deepin V23, we invite you to take part in the internal test. If you are interested in it, please follow the guide in the last part of this post.

If you find any bugs or have any good ideas, please submit them on deepin home app which can be downloaded from deepin App Store.


Update Log on April 12, 2024

【Warehouse Updates and Additions】

【Repository Update】

  • The Firefox version in the repository has been updated
  • Changed some dependency packages in the repository


•The deepin-unioncode version in the repository has been updated.

•The code editor now has a mixed display of syntax completion and intelligent completion.

•The code editor now supports common operations with right-click menus and keyboard shortcuts.

•A new inline search box has been added to the code editor.

•The code editor now supports font-related settings.

•The code editor has been adapted for dark themes.

•The debugging feature now supports viewing the types of Qt variables and their sub-variables.

【Known issues to be fixed】

•After modifying any settings in the taskbar, the corners of the taskbar become square.

•There is occasional lag when switching from window mode to full-screen mode in the launcher.

•The taskbar flashes briefly in the top-left corner when logging into the desktop.

【App Store】

•Optimized the application description and new features display on the application details page, defaulting to showing five lines.

•Modified the application launch animation style.

•Adapted for the deepin-service-manager plugin.

【Bug Fixes】

•Fixed an issue where the printer manager assistant could not start properly.

•Fixed an issue with the TeXdoctk application icon display in the launcher.

•Fixed a display issue with the widget buttons in the notification center's edit mode.

•Fixed a blurry line issue with the borders of widgets added in the notification center when the scaling ratio is set to 1.25 or higher.

•Fixed an issue with the memory monitoring widget in the notification center displaying swap memory incorrectly.

•Fixed an issue where Chinese information was included in the long date format content displayed in English environments.

•Fixed an issue where fuzzy searching in the language and region list boxes in the Control Center's Regional Formats section could not match single special characters.

•Fixed an issue where the text for keyboard and language input method switching was folded in English environments.

•Fixed an issue with the launcher not going into full-screen mode when already in window mode.

•Fixed an issue where, after disabling window effects in the Control Center, a white border appeared when switching to dark mode.

【App Store】

•Fixed an issue where swiping down with four fingers on the touchpad in the multitasking view did not return to the desktop.

•Fixed an issue where windows automatically moved to the center of the screen and their size was reset when minimizing and restoring them.

•Fixed an issue where the bottom blur effect of the sidebar was lost when maximizing windows.

•Fixed a client crash issue when continuously switching sorting criteria in the application tag list page on the application details page.

•Fixed a freeze issue when clicking on "Check for Updates" while uninstalling an application in the App Store.

The correct way to join the internal test:

①Upgrade the system to deepin V23 Beta2;

②Open the internal test channel: [Control Center] > [Update] > [Update Settings] > [Internal Test Channel] to open the option;

③ Follow the guidelines to complete the opening of the internal test channel;


How to report bugs or submit suggestions?

  • First of all, please make sure that the system version is upgraded to the latest beta version to avoid problems caused by inconsistent versions;
  • Secondly, if you find any bugs or have any good ideas, please give your feedback on deepin Home . deepin Home is a default app of deepin OS, and you can update or download it through deepin App Store.
  • deepin Home.png

Join the beta group:

Anyone who intends to participate in the internal test, please scan the code to contact the administrator, note: participate in the internal test (if the reply is not timely, please wait a moment)

Welcome to join the internal test group and interact with us. Thanks to every member of the internal test team for their active participation!


Many thanks to all the members of the internal testing team for your active participation!

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