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2024-05-01 04:52

Hello everyone, I need help with software for writing notes by hand.

There is a laptop on Deepin, there is a graphics tablet with a stylus, but there is no normal software for work. Please recommend applications for taking electronic notes on studies, like OneNote from Microsoft, but for Linux.

List of thanks to everyone❤️

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2024-05-08 18:03


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7 hours ago


No problem, finding the right note-taking app is important! Here are some great options for electronic notes on Deepin that are similar to OneNote:

  1. Joplin:

Cross-platform (works on Deepin, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)
Open-source and free
Similar to OneNote with features like notebooks, tags, attachments (images, PDFs)
Secure with end-to-end encryption
2. Xournal++:

Open-source and free
Focuses on note-taking with a pen-like experience (great with a graphics tablet)
Supports handwriting, drawing, text, images, and audio
Lets you annotate PDFs
3. Gnote:

Open-source and free
Similar to OneNote with notebooks, tags, and attachments
Unique feature: wiki-style linking between notes
4. Notable:

Open-source and free
Modern interface with a focus on Markdown formatting for notes
Supports attachments, code blocks, and live previews
Offers a good balance of structure and flexibility
5. Laverna:

Open-source and free
Web-based note-taking app (works in your Deepin browser)
Focuses on privacy and security with end-to-end encryption
Offers basic note-taking features with good organization options
These are all well-regarded options, so the best choice depends on your specific needs.

Here's a quick comparison to help you decide:

For a feature-rich experience similar to OneNote: Joplin
For a pen-focused note-taking experience with a graphics tablet: Xournal++
For a simple and secure web-based option: Laverna
For a balance of structure and flexibility with Markdown support: Notable
I hope this helps!

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