[Suggestions for Improvement] Concerned and Disappointed in Recent Deepin 23 Updated - May 1-2024
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2024-05-02 03:25

I have to say that I am completely shocked and saddened by the recent design choices that Deepin has made. Deepin previously was the most beautiful linux distribution in all of the linux world, but with each supposed update, the developers are actually making Deepin, less and less, than what it used to be and what we have come to expect from this distribution.

I am not sure who is making the design choices now in Deepin but it is clear that you are definitely moving backwards and not forward as you should be.

I would would strongly like to suggest that you restore the deepin dock to what is was or even better yet restore the deepin dock to what it was in deepin 20.09.

I would also like to suggest that you prioritize the inclusion of wayland in Deepin, as of today, Deepin is the only major distribution not embracing this technology.

Finally, I would strongly suggest that the development team focus more of their effort on reducing the known bugs that have been in deepin for some time now and less on introducing new features that the community has not asked for and in many cases does not want.

Deepin has been a beautiful, feature rich distribution that was the envy of the linux world, now it seems the developers are trying to make in just another mediocre run of the mill linux distribution that will be lost in the crowd of choices the user has to choose from. Deepin was at it’s optimal in my opinion at Deepin 20.09, in terms the perfect combination of beauty, functionality and performance, requiring only that bug fixes be done.

I sincerely hope that the developers listen to the deepin community and address concerns before the next official release.

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