[Community News] Explore deepin products! Detailed features, your queries invited!
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2024-05-06 14:19

Hi friends from the deepin community!

🌟The long-awaited face-to-face event for product managers is finally here! 🌟

In this brand new column, the product managers of each of our products will appear one by one to introduce deepin's products and services in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Whether you are a loyal fan of Deepin or you are curious about our software ecosystem, you can find the answers you want to know here.

🔍Function explanation? we are coming!

The product manager will take you to find out and gain an in-depth understanding of the secrets and usage techniques of each function. Whether you are an old user or a new friend, you can get inspiration from it and improve your experience.

💬Questions answered? Ask me!

In this event, we have set up an interactive link. You can directly raise your questions and suggestions to the product manager in the comment area. The product manager will reply to all questions from users in the comment area within a week. This is a unique opportunity for us to better understand your needs through direct communication, while also helping us to continuously improve.

📅Event time: The first phase will be officially launched on May 8, 2024. At the beginning of each subsequent month, we will invite product managers of different products to answer questions and interact with everyone.

📍Event location: deepin forum

🎉Come , join us, explore the mysteries of deepin and unlock more possibilities! 🎉

First preview:

Taskbar & Launcher——Product Manager Mei Yixiang


Starting now, leave your questions about the taskbar and launcher in the comment area of this post. We will collect the records one by one and reply directly in the official product face-to-face content released on May 8. Post your questions quickly. Views!

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