[App Sharing] Fix dependency problems in deepin with AmberCE
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2024-05-17 10:49

Encounter awkward dependency problems when using deepin or UOS Home Edition when try to install apps? It happens. Here are some common situations:

  1. Dependency issues or missing packages:

    Threads like these flood the forums:



    Today, for instance, I faced a missing package issue due to the removal of file-roller in v23:


  2. Low glibc version:

    This is quite common in UOS and deepin 20.9, as shown in these examples:




    Using the ACE compatibility environment (AmberCE)can swiftly resolve these issues.

    The ACE compatibility environment is a containerized application packaging and distribution solution based on bubblewrap. It allows running an operating system container on almost any Linux distribution.

    1. Install the compatibility environment:

      You can install it from the app store:(Please search AmberCE(Bookworm) if your language is English)


      Or manually:

      Manual Installation Guide

    2. Open the compatibility environment from the launcher:


    ACE Bookworm includes a Debian12 environment for easy application installation.

    Demo scenarios:

    1. Package does not exist:

      The file-roller archive manager is not in the deepin 23 software repository. Attempting to install it via apt install file-roller will fail.

      With the ACE compatibility environment, file-roller can be installed directly (if it's the first installation of ACE compatibility environment, a restart or desktop logout may be required to display the entry in the launcher):


      Once installed, file-roller can be used to open compressed files:



    2. Dependency issues:

      Some packages have broken dependencies, making them impossible to install. This can be resolved with the ACE compatibility environment:


    3. Considerations:

      • Installed applications cannot be directly uninstalled via right-click. Apart from typing commands within the ACE compatibility environment, you can also use the provided uninstaller to remove applications:


      • If this is your first time installing the ACE compatibility environment, you may need to restart or log out of the desktop to display the applications installed within the container on the desktop launcher.

      • systemd is currently not supported. You will have to launch services manually if your app need services to run

Tips: If you want to integrate cli app,here is a script for you to fastly integrate it with host OS

CMD_TO_ACE="$(basename $0)"
bookworm-run "$CMD_TO_ACE" "$@"

After installed the needed app in ACE env,(Use neofetch as example). Create file with the same name at /usr/bin, write the content above, and give it excutable permission

sudo nano /usr/bin/neofetch

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/neofetch

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