[Contribute Advice] UI Hover Effects, Click Effects, are Missing in a lot of Things.
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2024-05-21 23:47


UI Hover Effects, Click Effects, are Missing in a lot of Things. Animations are also boring and have only linear easing (no speed changes as the animation progesses) in a lot of things. It is very simple, I think this is done intentionally because it is not that hard to fix this. here is a list of the parts of the OS that are affected by this:

  • Dock:

    • Dock button has no hover effect and click effect.

      • Start Menu (applies for the minimized and maximized modes):

        • Start menu has literally no animation and just pops up immediately
        • Power and Settings buttons on the bottom left have only hover effects and no click effects.
        • Buttons for the applications that are on the left and on the right have no click effects.
    • Applications on the Dock:

      • They have no hover or click effects.
    • Buttons on the Right of the Dock:

      • They all have hover effects (except for the power and trash and the little button that holdes the date and time), but they all have no click effects.
    • Default Apps (Only Apps that are Affected are Listed Here as Most of them are Fine):

      • Image Viewer:

        • The buttons that have the images and you click on them to view the image have not hover effects.
      • Movie (Video Player):

        • All the buttons at the bottom (e.g. play, full screen, etc.) have only click effects but no hover effects.

Note 1: If this is intentional, and if you want to follow user feedback, fix it.

Note 2: Fixing this will most likely involve fixing it in DTK, as it is the UI library used by 90% of the OS.

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2024-05-21 23:48

Fixing this will make using the OS feel very good and smooth, like cutting butter with a knife.

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