[Experience sharing] The network connection icon
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2024-05-23 23:28

Hi there, I'm a Deepin 20.9 enthusiast user, and after the last upgrade my network connection icon not refreshing. It shows the connection is down, but it working very well. Attach a screen capture. But I cannot attach pictures ... I don't know why!

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2024-05-26 13:35

It sounds like the recent upgrade may have caused a minor software hiccup. Essentially, the part of the system that displays the network icon isn't communicating properly with the part that actually manages your network connection. So, while your internet is working fine in the background, the icon is stuck showing an outdated status.

Try restarting your network manager. This can sometimes reset the connection and get the icon to update correctly. You can usually do this from your system settings or by running a simple command in the terminal.

sudo service network-manager restart

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