[Official Events] deepin Forum moderator recruitment
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2024-06-19 16:32

🌐 Join the deepin community and serve as a forum moderator! 🌐

Are you passionate about technology, community engagement, and good at leading discussions? We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our team as deepin English forum moderators.

👏 Why become a deepin forum moderator?

Influence and shaping: Have a direct impact on shaping community culture and discussions.

Connect with like-minded people: Interact with technology enthusiasts and deepin user communities from all over the world.

Develop leadership skills: Hone your organizational, communication, and leadership abilities.

Recognition and rewards: Get the deepin forum moderator exclusive label and the honorary certificate (electronic version) issued by the deepin community, and have the opportunity to receive rich community peripheral gifts awarded by the official.

🎬 We are looking for:

Excellent communication skills: Fluent in English, able to express ideas clearly and politely.

Active listener: Keenly understand the needs of the community and have the ability to meet those needs.

Knowledgeable: A good understanding of deepin OS and related technologies is a plus.

Availability: Ability to devote a reasonable amount of time to hosting events.

💥 Responsibilities include:

Monitor discussion: Pay attention to forum posts, ensure discussion topics are clear and polite, and delete or ban advertisements or non-compliant content in the deepin forum.

Question answering: Do your best to help forum users solve more system-related or non-system-related problems.

Guide conversations: Help guide conversations in a productive direction and create a positive and inclusive environment.

Enforce rules: Follow community guidelines and deal with any rule violations appropriately.

Communicate: Communicate important information and updates to the community.

💐 How to apply:

Starting today, use the forum private message function or send an application email to cooperation@deepin.com

The application content may include the following:

Introduce yourself: Tell us a little about you, your interests, and why you want to become a moderator.

Share your experience: Any past moderator experience or relevant community involvement.

Availability: Let us know how much time you can devote to this position.

Application deadline: [June 30]

Join us and help make the deepin community a vibrant and welcoming place for everyone!

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