[Bulletin] deepin Campus Union - Empowering Students with Open Source Skills
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2024-06-28 17:24

What is deepin Campus Union?

deepin Campus Union is a global campus union initiated by the deepin community. It recruits capable organizers and

promoters from universities worldwide in the form of campus partners, aiming to cultivate talents for the open-source


What Can You Gain?

Honor Certificate

Outstanding contributors will receive an honor certificate, which will be displayed in the honor section on the official


Skill Enhancement

Regular training sessions to master open-source professional knowledge, as well as skills in communication, planning, and management.

Social Practice

Participate in social practice activities while on campus to gain experience and enhance competitiveness over peers.


Join the open-source ecosystem to connect with experts, and gain access to industry-leading information and


What Can You Do?

  1. Establish Open Source Clubs/Study Groups
  2. Conduct University Promotional Activities
  3. Set Up University Mirror Sites
  4. Join Official Technical Training
  5. Create/Join SIG Groups
  6. Participate in Open Source Internships and Practices

Event Cases

1. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China established a deepin campus group and held a recruitment

event. The leader shared the history, current development, and future prospects of the deepin operating system. Many

students joined the group to support the development of domestic operating systems!微信图片_20231026180508.jpg

2. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Yachay Tech University successfully launched the Yachay Tech Free Software Club, focusing on Linux and deepin.

The "Deepin and Coffee" event included a comprehensive talk about Linux, hands-on installation sessions, technical discussions, and exciting prizes. The event inspired new projects like physical simulation software for the Quinde 1 supercomputer and an AI-based instructor for rural education.


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