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Faster repos/ IRC
problems with intel Mobile 945GSE Express
after installing
Things I Did after Installing Deepin 2013
Help us choose one browser: Firefox or Google Chrome?
Bugs: DI 2013
Thoughts on DI 2013
Not able to install Ubuntu Software center
I can't write characters like "á"
how do i open file sharing on deepin 2013 ?
My LinuxDeepin desktop in youtube
Deepin memory usage is huge (BUG )
We need your help to have more language supported
Problem to install Ubuntu Tweak in Linuxdeepin2013
Weather applet on Desktop
nVidia Optimus driver
Old theme and icons style
Virtualbox Guest additions in Linux Deepin
How is the Traditional Chinese version? Deepin for XP lab
DPlayer - Chinese word in English iso - (bug)

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