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The donation channel for developing Deepin-related Project is online!
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2017-12-28 08:30
Donate Positioning

deepin is a Linux distribution devoted to providing beautiful, easy to use, safe and reliable system for global users.
The development of deepin can not do without the support of the community, for further improve the construction of the deepin community environment, Deepin Technology has made the decision to officially open channels of donation.
The donation upholds the principle of completely voluntary and no matter who you are, wherever you are, how much you contribute, are all making contributions to the development of Deepin community and we are very grateful for your donation.

Donate Objective

  • To make a survey about the money and person that related to the projects and decide the orientation and proirity of the projects
  • To support the continuous and in-depth development
  • To support the community activities and construction (e.g.:Gifts for internal testing, volunteering and community)

Make a Donation
  Project Introduction: Deepin Talk is an IM tool developed by Deepin Technology Team, Besides its basic functions, it acts as a user center for deepin and users can use it to share all the information about applications, system and entertainment.

  Project Introduction: Deepin Driver Center is a driver management and maintenance tool that can manage drivers and detect hardware information developed by Deepin Technology Team, it can backup, restore, setup, remove and do online update for system drivers to solve driver-related issues under Linux systems.

  Project Introduction: Deepin Live Repair System is a system repair tool for deepin developed by Deepin Technology Team, mianly focused on repairing partitions, boot entries, GRUB and do system backup restore, etc.

  Project Introduction: Deepin ID Cloud Platform is a cloud platform for deepin that can sync data among different devices without worrying about reinstalling the system. Users can backup and restore config files like system config, desktop config and some custom info manually or automatically.

  Project Introduction: Deepin Developer Center is an application and desktop development platform provided by Deepin Technology Team, it mainly provides software and documents including Deepin SDK, Deepin API, Deepin IDE, DeepinDDE API, Deepin-Store API, System Development Interface documents, DDE Development Interface documents and Deepin Store Development Interface documents, etc.

  • You can login on the official PayPal website and transfer to the official account.
  • Click on the PayPal donation to donate (This is the official account, we're using personal account due to policy and application condition)


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2017-12-28 09:19
Deepin Talk is unnecessary. One more chat? We don't need it. Everyone have Telegram.
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2017-12-28 10:50
China 捐助频道呢?
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2017-12-28 12:34
China 捐助频道呢?



WechatPay and AliPay are supported.
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