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Collection of Short Videos for DDUC 10th Anniversary Conference
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2020-09-08 03:34

Thanks for your support to deepin all the way. Now the 10th Deepin Developer & User Conference (DDUC) is coming. What do you want to say to deepin? Please send us your words in short videos!

Video requirements:

·Dimensions: 1920*1080 (horizontally)
·Background: clean and solid color
·Content: no limitations

Video example:
"I am xxxx. I love deepin! I have been using deepin for almost 5 years. It not only has the beautiful interface, but also offers improving user experiences. Hope deepin becomes better and better, and DDUC will get a complete success."

Welcome to actively post your videos. We will select proper videos and play them at the DDUC 10th Anniversary Conference, so that deepin users from all over the world will feel your blessings.

Send your video to https://bbs.deepin.org/module, thanks.

Deepin community team

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