Improvements to some problems seen in arch linux
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2017-09-12 01:22

Hey guys. My first post, but with many ideas and improvements to the deepin Desktop.  I do not want to extend myself much so I'll just put some topics to the developers.

1 - Improved speed of corner options.
2 - Launcher: does not close when running other applications that contain in the dock, the interesting thing is to close when clicking on any app in the dock.
3 - Launcher would also be better if it were smaller in reduced mode.
4 - Possibility to hide icons in efficient way, near the clock, so it gets cleaner and smaller.
5 - Audio players should be more worked up and should have a feature for selecting system folder folders and not just synchronizing.
6 - The same thing for the video player, which I think cool if they were all built-in. (Ala Amarok).
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2017-09-12 08:44
Thanks for your feedback and suggestion.
1. It is very annoying if the hot corner pop up quickly by mistakenly click, so we add the  animation you need to stamp it
2. 3.4.recorded
5.6. What do you mean Audio palyer? Deepin Music? And sorry i did not catch the sixth suggestion.

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2017-09-12 13:41

1 - Maybe in arch linux it may have some bug, but for me, it takes about 7 seconds to appear. They could then leave an option for each user to set the desired time.

5, 6 - Look image ( )
There is a menu called file, no need to synchronize with the player, just browse the system folder and find your songs or videos.

That's it for now. I like to analyze a lot and look for improvements, and as soon as I have more ideas put here.

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2017-09-12 21:06
Edited by willianholtz at 2017-9-13 06:58

One possible bug found, is this one. The Environment always asks for a password to access any software after starting the system.

Note also the black line below. But I think this must be some sddm bug!

There are a few more things that I found and would add in the "things to do".

1 - Add shortcut Ctrl+ESC for system-monitor (default)
2 - Add customization of notebook power buttons (Turn off, restart, suspend, turn off the screen), Customization is ideal for those who want, as I do, turn off the notebook screen by pressing the off button.
3 - Central control is cool on the screen side, but sometimes leaves the user confused, interesting to have a normal configuration way, with a separate screen, as well as other environments.
4 - Deepin Image viewer could have advanced options such as cropping and resizing an image.
5 - Where is the file reader or text editor? I'm using kwrite!
6 - Currently I use wicd for my connections, it would be interesting to create an own deepin icon for the application.
7 - Icon "off" in efficient mode could stay at the end of the bar, not mixed with the icons. Or added in the launcher in some way. One idea is to stay in the control center, just above the volume and the brightness.

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2017-09-13 07:00

1 - Maybe in arch linux it may have some bug, but for me, it takes about 7 seconds to appear. T ...

1. do not know, while it is about 1s in my computer
5.6. That is not an application developed by deepin
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