[Community Announcements] Deepin v23 Beta internal test update on June 15th
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2023-06-16 19:51

Friends, in order to ensure the quality of the next system update of V23, the closed beta on June 15 is coming! Members of the internal test team are invited to actively participate, and interested friends are welcome to join the internal test, thank you!applaud

Update log on June 15

  • Added demand feedback and bug feedback functions of Deepin Home;
  • Support taking screenshots with tools such as flameshot in wayland mode;
  • Support to provide default file name when exporting VPN configuration;
  • The new warehouse integrates the NCDU software package;
  • Improve the python3 basic environment and solve the problem of python3-venv installation failure;
  • Fix the problem that the arrow button is selected by default when switching from the screen recording button to the screenshot button;
  • Fix the problem that the save location in the specified location option in the screenshot recording screen is not internationalized in the Chinese environment;
  • Fix the problem of abnormal display of the 'Screenshot Recording' icon in the shortcut panel when the zoom is 2.25 for high-resolution screen machines;
  • Fix the problem that when the archive manager is connected to the extension screen, the system prompt box is displayed on the extension screen when thecompression operation is performed on a folder without permission;
  • Fix the problem that when using the Stacer tool to clean up system garbage, the system theme is also cleaned up and restored to the default state;
  • Fix texlive-formats-extra installation failure problem;
  • Fix the problem that when the notebook is closed, it is set to "no operation", and the prompt message displays an error;
  • Fix the problem that the application proxy cannot automatically filter spaces when setting the password, which causes the password setting failure;
  • Fix the problem that the banner notification keeps popping up when the wireless network ip conflicts;
  • Fix the problem of network plug-in initialization memory leak;
  • Fix the problem that the hotspot switch is not turned off when the hotspot switch is turned off when returning to the hotspot page when the wired network connection is turned off for some models and switched to other pages;
  • After some models are upgraded to a new version, click the WiFi icon in the taskbar, and the WiFi list does not display the problem;
  • Fix the problem of not connecting to the corresponding WiFi when entering the WiFi password in the WiFi list on the taskbar of some models;
  • Fix the problem that the network panel on the login interface does not display the WiFi that is being connected;
  • Fix the problem that when connecting to a hidden network in the control center, after entering the password, it is still necessary to enter the password twice in the taskbar pop-up window to connect to the network;
  • Fix the problem that some devices cannot connect to hidden hotspots;
  • Fix the probabilistic duplication of the network list after the control center turns off the wireless network switch;

The correct way to join the internal test:

①Upgrade the system to deepin V23 Beta;

②Open the internal test channel: [Control Center] > [Update] > [Update Settings] > [Internal Test Channel] to open the option;

③ Follow the guidelines to complete the opening of the internal test channel;

Feedback question method:

  • First of all, please make sure that the system version is upgraded to the latest beta version to avoid problems caused by inconsistent versions;
  • Secondly, when you find a problem, you can give feedback on github as soon as possible; [How to give feedback on GitHub]
  • Welcome to join the internal test group. After entering the group, change the nickname in the group to the user name of the deepin forum, so that we can contact you and communicate the details of the problem.


Join the beta group:

Anyone who intends to participate in the internal test, please scan the code to contact the administrator, note: participate in the internal test (if the reply is not timely, please wait a moment)

Welcome to join the internal test group and interact with us. Thanks to every member of the internal test team for their active participation!

  • Beta group:https://t.me/deepin_testing


Many thanks to all the members of the internal testing team for your active participation!

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