[Community Announcements] Deepin v23 Beta internal test update on August 11th
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2023-08-11 23:00

Dear friends, in order to ensure the quality of the next system update of V23, the closed beta on August 11th is coming! Members of the internal test team are invited to actively participate, and interested friends are welcome to join the internal test, thank you!applaud

Update log on August 11th

New Features and Improvements:


  • Added bold underline option in terminal cursor style settings
  • Window title name will be set to help navigating between windows if multiple terminal windows were opened
  • Optimized grouping logic for remote management of terminals
  • Added option to include special characters in double-click selection area
  • Added shortcut Shift+Ctrl+Mouse wheel to adjust terminal opacity



    • Upgraded higher kernel version to 6.4.7
    • Integrated autodep8 package into the repository
    • Updated perf3 software version
    • Optimized and improved battery life in power mode

    Bug Fixes


    • Fixed the issue of Ctrl+S/Q shortcuts being intercepted after disabling Flowcontrol
    • Fixed Shift+Tab combination switching input focus to the title bar button


    • Fixed an issue where clicking the Deepin Store icon in the plugin area wouldn't hide the Deepin Store main program
    • Fixed abnormal thumbnail display for the file manager in the taskbar
    • Fixed blurry deformation of preview window image during file copying
    • Fixed the inability to remove a plugin from the control center by dragging it from the quick panel to the plugin area
    • Fixed Gitkraken application icon not showing in the taskbar
    • Fixed the issue where the taskbar remained hidden and did not show along with the launcher upon startup
    • Fixed a taskbar crash when clicking the jetbrains-toolbox tray icon


    • Fixed abnormal transparency display in the clipboard
    • Fixed blurry icon display for video content copied inside the clipboard
    • Fixed the inability to use clipboard content saved after copying text information in Wayland mode

    【File Manager】

    • Fixed an issue where moving desktop app shortcut icons into a folder would change the shortcut icon to a gear
    • Fixed the issue of web bookmarks and .html file icons not displaying
    • Fixed an issue where the authentication dialog would show a loading circle cursor after clicking "Cancel" on the authentication prompt for external encrypted USB drives or dual-boot laptops
    • Fixed the issue of SMB dialog box not fully displaying when font size is adjusted to 20 in an English environment
    • Fixed the inability to unzip compressed files by dragging and dropping
    • Fixed memory leak issue when copying large files to a portable hard drive in the file manager
    • Fixed an issue where deleting a selected compressed file after extracting a folder in Archive Manager actually deleted the extracted folder
    • Fixed a memory overflow and blank interface issue when calling the file manager through JavaFX
    • Fixed the issue where adding color indicators to desktop app icons resulted in non-existent icons in the color indicator categories
    • Fixed the incorrect display of the "Delete File" shortcut key in the shortcut preview panel when using the Ctrl+Shift+? shortcut
    • Fixed the issue of blurry icon in the title bar when calling the file manager window through third-party apps
    • Fixed the issue where the prompt for double-click opening of applications displayed in English when the system language is set to Simplified Chinese
    • Fixed the issue where the Ctrl+W shortcut did not close the file manager
    • Fixed the issue where renaming a disk name in the file manager caused the cursor to jump to the end of the already entered text
    • Fixed the issue of incomplete data copying due to a prompt that the USB drive is in use after copying large files to a USB drive
    • Fixed an issue where a clickable cancel button appeared in the top-left corner of the file manager interface when calling the file manager through third-party apps


    • Fixed the issue of randomly setting desktop wallpaper when selecting a theme in the control center
    • Added the option of using a keyring in the passwordless login authentication prompt to resolve the issue of unlocking Keyring for passwordless login to the desktop
    • Changed the systemd package journald log configuration file saving method to persistent storage

    The correct way to join the internal test:

    ①Upgrade the system to deepin V23 Beta;

    ②Open the internal test channel: [Control Center] > [Update] > [Update Settings] > [Internal Test Channel] to open the option;

    ③ Follow the guidelines to complete the opening of the internal test channel;

    Feedback question method:

    • First of all, please make sure that the system version is upgraded to the latest beta version to avoid problems caused by inconsistent versions;
    • Secondly, when you find a problem, you can give feedback on github as soon as possible; [How to give feedback on GitHub]
    • Welcome to join the internal test group. After entering the group, change the nickname in the group to the user name of the deepin forum, so that we can contact you and communicate the details of the problem.


    Join the beta group:

    Anyone who intends to participate in the internal test, please scan the code to contact the administrator, note: participate in the internal test (if the reply is not timely, please wait a moment)

    Welcome to join the internal test group and interact with us. Thanks to every member of the internal test team for their active participation!


    Many thanks to all the members of the internal testing team for your active participation!

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