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Linux Deepin source code
Russian [ru_RU] translation
Keyboard layout?
New Bug [Bug ID: 0002099]
when we can translate this nice distribution
How can we help?
Weather applet doesn't work
How to bind super key or windows key to open the launcher?
What would happen, if the repos are changed?
enable video thumbnails
Won't Install need help Deepin 12
DNS Setting Will Not Stick In Deepin System Settings!
Startup Applications
Few thoughts on Deepin 12.12
Slow On Old Machine and VirtualBox
show the icon to switch keyboard layout in the bottom tape
gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad integration in default installation
Question about updates..
Deepin 12.12 build on Ubuntu 12.04 - suggestion
Theming, Mirrorlist, Ubuntu Tweak

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